Här kan du se resultat från några av GAP:s projekt internationellt

Modellen på bilden visar hur GAP jobbar med beteendeförändring.

I den bifogade broschyren kan du läsa om resultatet av GAP:s arbete i olika länder.

Utdrag från broschyren.

Global Action Plan International was founded in 1989 and has ever since worked on sustainable development with a special focus on behaviour change, empowerment and pedagogy. Unlike the traditional linear way of changing people’s behaviour, we use a circular model. We believe that empowered people can make the whole difference.

Based on this philosophy and related research studies, we and our members developed three types of program: for schools/youth, for households and communities, and for workplaces. Our member organisations deliver the programs in culturally adapted versions.

  • For schools, from kindergarten to university; both curricular, extra-curricular and informal; including teacher training, and training of teacher-trainers and of youth leaders.
  • For households, typically with six topics in the broad field of sustainable lifestyle;
  • For workplaces, the main vehicle is the EEP, Employee Engagement Program; there are also specific programs for SMEs, as well as an Ecodriving simulator program
  • For communities/neighbourhoods, programs of a ‘Local Agenda 21’ type, or Community Resilience programs

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